I’m a WGA writer.  Although I started out working on sitcoms in Hollywood, I subsequently spent a lot of years as a copywriter in New York.  I wrote attention-grabbing advertising  at some of Manhattan’s top ad agencies — and won countless awards for my television commercials.  My work for national advertisers became widely acclaimed.  Then I formed my own ad agency.  It took off.   Developed into a hot, wildly creative ad boutique known as The Idea Factory.   (Curious?  You can check it out. www.theideafactory.biz.)

Was I happy?  Of course not.  Sure, writing television commercials can be fun.  But there’s a fly embedded in that fun. The damn things always have to sell something.  I decided to change direction.  I began writing feature screenplays.  What genre?  Comedy.  100% pure, unadulterated comedy.  (Unadulterated?   Well, occasionally a small message creeps in.  Please don’t hold it against me.)

I recently returned to Los Angeles.  While I’m currently writing a new screenplay, I’m obviously here to also market my existing screenplays. Below are the log lines and synopses of four of my comedies.  As well as my television pilot. Take a look. I think you’ll  find each project … exceptionally  engaging,  highly  commercial and relentlessly funny.

Want to see one of the scripts?   Just let me know the title.  Please include your name, your company name and the e-mail address I should use to submit the script.  Your company  must be listed on IMDB.  If you want me to  sign a release,  I’ll be happy to do so.

Send your request to:  xerxes87@aol.com



Log Line

Your father is America’s physical  fitness king.  You?  You’re an overweight, out-of-shape 28 year old schlub.   Shame on you!  But one day your father clutches his awesomely sculpted chest and drops dead. Suddenly his fitness empire is in your hands. How do you handle the multiplying aftershocks?  Starting with the executive board hiding your father’s body in a giant refrigerator stocked with health foods. ( In dying of a heart attack — the board insists —  your father was thoughtlessly violating his own brand image.  Nobody must find out he’s dead.  It would destroy the company.)  Suck in your stomach!  You’re in for the toughest workout of your lazy, good-for-nothing life!

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Log Line:

While trying to clone a duck, a geneticist accidentally clones himself. He then makes a deal with his clone for the clone to take over his marriage and career … while he (the geneticist) secretly runs off partying across the world.  The subject matter has a built-in universal appeal.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re American, German, Russian or Chinese.  Cloning fascinates everybody everywhere. It’s hard to resist watching the cockeyed consequences that flow from duplicating yourself.

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Log Line

An enterprising ad guy creates the ultimate in politically incorrect support groups:  one for men who are cheating on their wives. When Adulterers Anonymous catches on as a national underground phenomenon, our hero hits the jackpot. But then he meets a bewitching, idiosyncratic female and falls hopelessly in love. Wishing to turn over a new leaf, he discovers he can’t extricate himself from the leadership of his own brainchild.

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Log Line:
A 22nd century stand-up comic  takes a rocket ship to Mars to fulfill a performing gig.  Through a digital error he gets thrown into a penal colony … escapes … and is then chased across the planet by adversaries of every shape size and species. This is a broad “AIRPLANE” style comedy crammed with verbal and visual gags.  Yet it’s also about the biggest subject of all:  the future.

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“Our Spirits Are Up”

Log Line:
The first TV late night talk show broadcast from heaven. Introducing the new celestial “TONIGHT SHOW”. ! Yes, Johnny Carson* has made a comeback. He interviews a non-stop parade of famous departed show biz or political immortals. And it’s not just talk. Each guest is able to play back significant moments in his or her life. No matter how totally off-the-wall any memory may be.

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